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What is a Crypto Community?

Crypto communities are essentially groups of individuals with a shared interest in cryptocurrency investing. These communities provide an avenue where investors can share news, exchange ideas or opinions, or ask questions. They’re usually formed and maintained via popular online messaging platforms.

Cryptocurrencies are complex, and members of crypto communities make it their responsibility to educate others, since the branch of technology is just gaining traction, and knowledge about it is limited.

The concept of cryptocurrencies and the first known coin (Bitcoin) were initially only understood by a small group of people who recognized crypto’s potential to be an alternative to the traditional financial system.

Bitcoin prices have grown by thousands over time, and the crypto community continues to educate and encourage collaboration, which has resulted in consistent adoption of crypto as a form of trade by people all over the world.

At its core, cryptocurrencies place the power back in the hands of people. It is about redesigning tools and processes that are universal, regardless of the contest, by first considering the needs of people. The two-way conversations that crypto communities facilitate have played a significant role in the success of the technology.

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